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Hi, I'm new to linux, I am now trying ubuntu with ardor, the problem is I have a zoom r16 interface for usb and connect and recognize me ardor np 
I put ye wine installed drivers zoom and still recognize 
Is there any way to connect ardor to the port usb interfac 

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'd Better start with a distro dedicated as ubuntustudio or KXStudio. The generic ubuntu does not come factory ready to work with audio at low latency. That's one side.
On the other hand, first you have to check that jack boot on that card. This can be a bit tedious if you have no experience with the workings of Linux, where things work very differently. What you take for granted that it has a crumb and what you think is needed, it is needless. For example, if the Zoom R16 is supported by the kernel (the truth is I'm not sure) you do not have to worry about installing any driver you already have it (and besides, I never would use wine to install drivers).
The terminal is useful for diagnosis. For example, if you see the card information when you enter this command:
cat / proc / asound / cards
It means that is supported (at least basically).
After using qjackctl jack to boot on that card (interface field). If jack boots, either. After ardor spears without worrying about the card, and then using (but not going to see his name, but with a generic "system" or "In / Out".

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Strictly, jack does not detect card itself, but offers the option of using one or the other. If you do not see your zoom r16 named in qjackctl (small arrow to drop down to the right of the interface), two things can happen: 
1) You really, the card has not been detected by Linux (which would be the "driver" or "module" ALSA, ALSA being critical audio system Linux). That is determined by the command I gave you before. 
2) That itself is detected but qjackctl not recognize by name, but only by their alphanumeric identification "hw: x", where x is a number: 0, 1, 2 ... 
Which answers the terminal when you enter this command? (you can copy and paste with the mouse, do not use Ctrl-C / V in the terminal) 
There would be a third case, which itself is detected but is not supported 100%. But that would be seen later, have to do some research in that case.
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