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Hello, Today I went to restore my iPhone 4S to remove the jail and has left me with a circle around and I have broken the power button to restart.
I need help later date for repairing Apple Pin by warranty and I need to remove the jailbreak.
Best regards.

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Bad business, no button is difficult, but hey, you just have to be patient and leave it at that, you may leave this alone or Expiral but the battery is finished and restart to re conecdtarlo.
Ojo, given your problems, be careful where you do the restoration, trying by all means, use a computer that is not used to make the jail, lest yours have changed the file etc Sintema and continue with a new problem.
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I restore the iPhone from mobile
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ohhhhhhhh, that was the problem with the jailbreak you can not restore from the mobile should do it from a computer, there you have the tail of your problem, the better you know now you just have to wait until the battery runs out and all set.
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thank you very much
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