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Why these scratches are produced in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

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First we should mention that this case called by many as "Clear View" has a very interesting structure, because the lid has a level of semi-transparency that practically shows what comes to be generated in the terminal screen inside, it may be information concerning the time, notifications of new messages among a few others. This housing is available for both the Samsung Galaxy S6 to the "Edge" version.

Anecdotal case is that the defects occur on the screen only in the model "Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge" for its similar (Samsung Galaxy S6) has not come to report something similar. Many people assume that this situation could arise because the affected terminal has the curved edge, which may make the lid come to have greater contact with the mobile phone screen, situation still remains anecdotal and incredible for many because there we have a guy Gorilla glass glass 4. Thus, if you have in your hands to said mobile device would be good to get fixated on your screen to see if it also has been affected by the top of its housing.

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