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What are APNs? How to update the APNs? [not only i9500]

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The APNs are the names of APs (Access Point Name) , the data you need from your phone operator to "know " how to access the Internet (actually this is said in Creole, to find out more: click here).
Now to know what are those corresponding to our company forum we have two places : - operators / where you will find information divided by the operator and may seek his or Configuracion3G - MMS where we had laburo do so for all operators , divided by countries in Latin America .
But ... how do I update / change . There may be some differences according to the version of Android you 're using , but in general the path is : Menu / Settings / Wireless & networks / mobile / Access Point Names networks. If you go in there , you can change the position or have one add the option key ( menu, the haptic left) , remember to save it.
Some tips, if Proxy and Port do not put anything , you can andarles a little faster . Furthermore, in the case of Samsung , in some cases the choices are fixed , in the Motorola can be written freely .

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