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I live in a studio where i cannot reach the router, so i've decided to make a bridge with a laptop, ethernet cable and console. There is no security WEP or WPA2 , no password, but just a "code" for people living here and have access to free wifi. It works well for pc, laptop, iphone etc because their OS allow to recognize their access to wifi, not a console. Then i did plug first the xbox One on my laptop and created a bridge with an ethernet cable to use the connection and it works without any difficulties. The problem is with a PS4 it's a hell to go online on this way, even plugged physically, the local area of the laptop stay "unplugged" and when i try to set up manually  the LAN network it works until the test. The IP address is ok but the test to connect failed after with a message " A LAN cable is not connected ".I really have a hard time.

Do you have any solution ?


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