How to take a screenshot on ZTE Zmax Pro

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asked May 13, 2016 in Android by anonymous

How to take a screenshot on ZTE Zmax Pro

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answered May 13, 2016 by anonymous

  • Simultaneously press the Volume Down button  and the power button 
  • You hear a sound indicating that the catch was taken
  • To find the catch, go home screen My files> All files> Pictures> Screenshots.

commented Sep 27, 2016 by Tom Heward

Worked for me.  ZTE ZMax Pro
Down Volume Button & Power Button Simultaneously
commented Dec 31, 2016 by anonymous

Worked for me.. Thanks a lot... ☺️
commented Feb 22 by anonymous

Worked for me as well. Thank you!
commented May 12 by anonymous

My volume down button is broken. So how do I take a screenshot? Please help