How to fix google play error df-dla-15

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asked May 11, 2016 in Android by anonymous
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Hello, I currently have a problem with my mini laptop android. I do not download various applications with google play. I desperately tried for two weeks. I have a gmail account, an account on google. I just want to clarify, when I put "download" an alert is displayed and there is written ". Error retrieving information from the server ([df-dla-15])"
Please help me, I 'I need at the earliest. Good night. : D

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answered May 11, 2016 by anonymous
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Wait a few minutes for the Google Play Store completes its update in the background.
If the problem persists, Go to "Settings". Enter "Applications" and then "Manage Applications". Select "All".
Go to "Google Services Framework" and press "Delete data" and "Clear Cache" to delete all data related Google Services Framework.
Go to "Google Play Store" and select "Delete data and clear cache" to delete all data related to Google Play Store.
Do the same for the Google Play Store app.
commented May 21, 2016 by anonymous
thank you it works.. i only go to settings>application>all>framework google services, clear data and force stop.
commented Aug 22, 2016 by sappig
it gives me server mistake i translate literaly from dutch server fout it took me 2 days waiting for this to go away
commented Oct 21, 2016 by anonymous
It worked thank you.
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answered May 11, 2016 by anonymous
In this case the route we will go to Settings-> Applications-> all-> Google Play Store and delete the application data. also accede in the section all the applications Google Services Framework and delete your data.

We will also have to be removed, restart your phone and re-enter our Google account in Settings-> Accounts-> Add accounts-> Google
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answered May 11, 2016 by Lyiberets
edited May 11, 2016 by osky
Thats error come when you install new gapps, on cyanogen or miui or make experiment`s with your stock rom, gapps, root.


Its easy to fix. spep-by-step

1. Go in settings > accounts, delete your account

2. settings>apps>all> FIND google play> force stop, clear all data. FIND google services framework and do SAME.

3. Now reboot your phone. After reboot wait some, about 1 minute, than try to find shortcut Google play market, DONT TOUCH IT. now you go in settings, accounts> add google account, when you succesfully add account go next step.

4.Open play store and ACCEPT rules, than wait for 1 minute if you on wifi(lte), or 2 minute if on 3G network (wifi recomended) NOW JUST PUSH HOME BUTTON AND WAIT UNTIL U DETECT WHAT ICON play market was changed.  (your eyes don`t see, but when you run play store, and accept rules, FIRST what program do its start install update like standart apk, but you don`t see process, till icon don`t changed)

4.1(optionally)  If 5 step dont work, you need again reboot your phone, go in play store, push home button and wait. Now google automatically install update "google services framework" and after 1-3 minute you see new icon "google settings" in menu. No need touch it, just go to 5 step, use google services now you done.

4.2 (very optionally) Sometimes, when u use custom firmware, kernel, slow phone, 4.1 or 4.2 steps get error, but you dont see that. if 5 step dont work, you need start from scratch again, from 1 step AND YOU DONE, I PROMISE!

5. Go in play store and install what you want.
commented May 12, 2016 by sandeep
Thanks ..It helped me
commented May 14, 2016 by Aurora
Thank you so much
commented May 16, 2016 by ToNTboy
Thank you a lot! It solve my problem!
commented May 17, 2016 by Michael
Thank you so very much
commented May 17, 2016 by anonymous
Great solution! Thanks!!
commented May 20, 2016 by anonymous
Thanks man! Great job
commented May 31, 2016 by anonymous
This worked, thank you!
commented Jun 2, 2016 by anonymous
Thanks! This worked!
commented Jun 3, 2016 by anonymous
I have tried other methods. Only yours worked! Thank you so so so much!
commented Jun 3, 2016 by anonymous
commented Jun 4, 2016 by anonymous
Thanks workd great for my note 4
commented Jun 5, 2016 by anonymous
Wow I didn't think that was really going to work but it did.....I thought this was a more neqnik  way of saying thanks
commented Jun 5, 2016 by yshak
Tried all other solutions given in other websites but failed.
Followed your steps, and voila..!! everything works... Thanks a lot :)
commented Jun 5, 2016 by anonymous
Thanks for this advices.
commented Jun 7, 2016 by anonymous
did this then got the authentication error - still had to remove and re-add my google account. works now.
commented Jun 8, 2016 by Roxy
I dont seem to have the "all" selection under settings/applications/--- anyone else know how this could work for Galaxy s6?
commented Jun 9, 2016 by anonymous
Worked like a charm
commented Jun 13, 2016 by Munetsi
Thanks so much spent almost a year with my Tab 2 without installing anything from play store, juss tried steps 1-4, it worked
commented Jul 9, 2016 by anonymous
thanks a lot! I didnt thought it would work. I tried to clear the cache a thousand times before and even reinstalled it but nothing helped. In the end i stopped at step 3. After rebooting my phone i couldnt add a google acc. In the end i added it through the play store. Im glad it works now anyway. (MI 3)
commented Jul 13, 2016 by anonymous
Great Explanation, thanks. Using ZTE Axon running Lollipop
commented Jul 22, 2016 by anonymous
Doing 2-4 solved my case thanks a lot
commented Jul 28, 2016 by Mcf
Thank you! Your instructions worked for me after at least an hour trying steps outlined by others without success... although similar, yours was the first that started off with account deletion.
otherwise you won't be able to reconnect your account to the device
commented Jul 31, 2016 by Sun
Tried a lot of steps from a lot of sources, but yours is the one that worka. Thank you so much.
Works on my Redmi note 3 with gapps installled on china rom
commented Aug 7, 2016 by anonymous
Wow!!!!!  I tried everything.....  THIS WORKED!!!!   THANK YOU SO MUCH
commented Aug 9, 2016 by Cristina
Totally worked for me !! Thank you !! :)
commented Aug 11, 2016 by Danyal
Thank you very much,it worked.God bless you and your family.
commented Aug 17, 2016 by sappig
i cant even delete my account only add and that dont works on my phone android version 2.2.2 cant get higher
commented Sep 9, 2016 by Rendy
Thanks man. It's really work :D
commented Sep 13, 2016 by sonu
i have so many try according to your suggestion but result is same so please tell me another opinion
commented Sep 24, 2016 by Mike S.
Thank you. Worked for me,  Android 6.0.1 kernel 3.4.0 on Samsung Galaxy S5 on Verizon
commented Oct 1, 2016 by anonymous
commented Oct 13, 2016 by anonymous
damn  the only method that worked!! guys just follow those steps and you are fine :D
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answered May 11, 2016 by Joppe
If you have android 6.0 or higher this may work:

Open settings
Click 'apps'
Search for 'google play store'
Click 'permissions'
Toggle all permissions on (Contacts, Location, SMS, Telephone)

This worked on my Oneplus One.
commented May 12, 2016 by HEART
commented Jun 9, 2016 by lengti
thanks its work for my redmi note 3
commented Jun 10, 2016 by anonymous
thanks worked for LG
commented Jul 17, 2016 by Amanda Rooney
edited Jul 17, 2016 by osky
worked for my phone   kyocera c6725
commented Aug 4, 2016 by anonymous
it worked for my phone thanks.
commented Aug 30, 2016 by mike ballz
Worked onbmy note 10.1 thanks
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answered Jun 20, 2016 by anonymous

Try doing the following:

  • Go to Settings and then to "Application Manager".
  • Click on "All" or "All", it depends on the version of Android you use.
  • Search Google Play Store, click "Clear Cache" and "Clear data".
  • Now go back and search for "Google Play Services", click "Clear Cache", then click on "ADMIN. STORAGE." and click on "Erase all data".
  • Now go back and search for "Google Services Framework", give "Force Stop", then to "Clear cache" and finally to "Delete data".
  • Reboot your device.
  • Come and tell us that this it go: D
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answered Jun 25, 2016 by administrator (9,170 points)
edited Jun 26, 2016 by osky
Hello To complete the message Damswalker, and after consulting several forums, I conducted the following actions to resolve the problem with the message "Error retrieving information from the server df dla 15 "

Delete google account. Noted login information and pwd order to reconfigure after. To remove go parameters, accounts, Google and select delete the account. Then he must add a new account google to reconfigure.

Reset preferences: in Settings -> Application Manager -> then on your "menu" Phone "button" (I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is the touch button on the bottom left) and then to "reset preferences"

Then go (still in the application manager) on the application "Framework of Google services." Clear data and force stop (Do not worry about the warning message, has no impact on your accounts or other.)

Then go (still in the application manager) on application "google play" and "empty the cache" and "force stop" (Do not worry about the warning message, has no impact on your accounts or other.) that if it can help people experiencing this problem.
commented Sep 26, 2016 by ShErIi
I have an awsome solution
I have tried all ways for almost a week
N this is the besr solution
Go to settings >sync>add account..than add a new or existing account
Then go to play store n click on the account ur signed in ( i think u will find it on top of ur left side screen) then click it n switch ur old account with the new account n it will work n download anything u want even if u switch back ur old account back still it will work
commented Oct 4, 2016 by Rohan Advani
Thanks this works the best, easy and quick :)
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answered Jun 27, 2016 by anonymous

Android phones in recent years have occupied a large market share. Users download thousands of applications every day through the store official said, Google Play operating system. Many times when trying to download an Android application we have a little problem at the time of discharge; google play error df-dla-15 Here we will show how to solve this error to avoid them again prevent the discharge of any application.

In order to solve this problem, then here I leave the steps to fix the google play error df-dla-15 It's simple, you should only follow these guidelines:

  • First thing we do is go to the "Settings" section of our Android phone.
  • Once here, now we will go to "Applications". This option will be displayed when we enter Settings.
  • Now, we are going to "Manage Applications" and there will strike in "Google Play".
  • Once we meet at the official store of Android, Google Play, press the "Force Stop" and following this option to "Delete data".

These are the instructions to fix the google play error df-dla-15. Once they have done everything to the letter back to the Google Play Store and try to download the application you wanted to download before and may do so without any problem again.

google play error df-dla-15 has been fixed. I hope you have served any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

commented Oct 21, 2016 by anonymous
sorry, it did not work even after following your instructions thoroughly and no matter what i try it remains at the same error, device is redmi note 4 with miui 8 and android 6.0< , also, i now get error retrieving information from server [RH-01], and it will only be resolved when i delete and redownload the google play app and play services, but it will then go back to saying DF DLA-15 error
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