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Hi , i was trying today to remove an app i installed using cydia , i click remove and i get the following errors:
Subprocess pro-removal script returned error exit status 1
Sub-process /usr/libexec/cydia/cydo returned an error code(1)

and i cant uninstall the app ... Can someone help me ?

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This error is a result of failing to Cydia update your data because another program is already using that resource and resolves restarting our device and reentering Cydia, if this persists then it is advisable to uninstall the tweaks that are giving conflict.
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1. Open Cydia and download iFile.

2. CLOSE Cydia!

3. Open iFile.

4. Navigate to the top (first) folder.

5 Scroll to the top and you'll see a search field.

6 Search in "Hierarchy" mode for "MyWi".

6. Delete all files container containing the phrase "MyWi"

7. Close iFile and open Cydia.

8. Go to Manage> Packages> MyWi OnDemand> Modify> Remove



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