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How to fix the error in Android Google Play authentication

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How to fix the error in Android Google Play authentication

  • The first thing to do to try to resolve this error is to delete the temporary data associated with our application Google Play. To do this we simply go to the Settings application of our terminal, and once inside we enter the section "Applications" or "Application Manager" (depending on the version of our operating system). Now we look for the Google Play application in the list of applications, click on its name and finally, click on the button "Delete data".
  • In the event that this procedure is not sufficient to resolve the error, perform must return to exactly the same steps as mentioned above with the difference that instead of clicking on the button "Delete data" will click the button " uninstall updates. "
  • Having done the first two procedures and having restarted our terminal, in the event that we find ourselves with the same error we make a final procedure to solve the problem one hundred percent. We need to decouple our Google account terminal, and it will go to the Settings application, enter in the section "Accounts" (by clicking on the option "Google"), will press on our Gmail account and we will open the menu additional settings by choosing the option "Delete account". Restart the terminal, we again add our own and, in theory, any problem with Google Play should have disappeared completely.

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