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How to recover lost storage space for the latest update of WhatsApp?

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The first thing is to check if you are marquise-shaped for this mistake, if you are the owner of an iPhone with little storage capacity you may have noticed right away, if you have a high-capacity maybe you have not noticed yet.

To see if WhatsApp is occupying more space because you have to go to Settings / General / Storage and iCloud, in the first storage section, enter Manage Storage.

In that location you can check if WhatsApp has excessive memory consumption.

It may also be that the storage space lost not look at that location, you may see it when you plug your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.

If you do go to the tab iPhone in iTunes and look at the distribution of device memory. If you have lots of memory occupied by the section "Other" or "Documents and Data", your phone may be affected.

If so there are several options you can try to recover the lost memory.

1- Uninstall  and reinstall the application 

The error is not widespread, in fact no one in our newsroom has managed to play, so it is quite possible that a simple reinstallation end the problem.

2- Retrieves the storage space occupied by "Other" or "Documents and Data"

If the section "Other" or "Documents and Data" occupies about stories gigas your iPhone you will have to remove them. In the article below we link explain how to recover the space occupied by "others" in the iPhone, check it out and follow the instructions.

3- Delete your WhatsApp iPhone

If the above did not work like best it is that Whatsapp desisntales your iPhone until an update to fix the problem is released. We imagine that will soon come, it seems that there are many affected people and understand that people WhatsApp must move fast.

Well, this is an extreme measure, but if the application is making you lose all free memory soon have the iPhone unusable, so you have to choose the lesser evil is not it?

Have you had problems after installing the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone ?, leave us a comment and tell us about your case, and if you've found the solution not hesitate to share it, you help many people.

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