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How to forget your ex partner fast thanks to Facebook

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We tell you how to forget your ex partner . Facebook is one of those applications that are constantly updated and more, Facebook has become such an important application that many are through it a network with its deepest ties, their brothers, their parents and even their partner.

In the latter case the couple is chosen but that does not mean that lifetime, sometimes there are breaks and now Facebook wants you to forget your ex is easier than ever . Facebook is testing a tool in the US that makes it easier to forget your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. And it is already hard in itself sentimental and emotionally so that Facebook rub us the things of our ex, still above.

Facebook Take a Break

Facebook makes it easy to forget your partner


Now, thanks to this tool, when you tell Facebook that your marital status has changed and no longer have a couple new tools that allow us not eliminate as a friend to our former partner (something difficult when there are many people in common) are released but which in turn limit some contact between both by the social network.


It is customary that when two couples are allowed to be removed from friends but if there is a little maturity on both sides this need not happen. Facebook's new tools allow certain users see less without cutting contact through Facebook. This comes in handy when a relationship ends healthily and like normal people without having to go through toxic stories. Facebook says that these changes are reversible at any time, not just want to help you go through a bitter moment.

This feature allows us to see fewer stories of our former and not having to see your profile picture without having to block or remove friendship . Your tickets Facebook no longer appear in the timeline and suggested name will not appear when a new message is written or a new friend is tagged in a photo.

Also you may limit the photos, videos and status updates your ex see you , allowing hide many of the things you do to that person. These changes come on first mobile platforms and then will be extended to desktop platforms. Of course it is a very interesting alternative and actually many will appreciate.

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