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how to clear the cache manually on your Samsung Galaxy

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The process will indicate it is common for the vast majority of the devices of the Korean company. Therefore, it can be used with both a Galaxy S5 as a Galaxy Note 3. That is, that there is no variation and to achieve the purpose of this article, use the so-called Recovery Mode that due to the option you'll use (access any other can produce an important operating system), can leave as new cache.

The steps
Although it may seem somewhat complicated indications that we will provide, the truth is that they are not if they carefully and outcome of how to clear the cache manually is very evident, as the terminal works faster. This is what you do:

  • completely off your device Samsung Galaxy
  • Now start the device by pressing both buttons Volume Up + Home + Power
  • a simple screen with a menu at the top (which is handled with the volume buttons to move and the power button to select) appears
  • Go to Wipe cache partition option called and select it, it will automatically begin how to clear the cache manually
  • At the bottom of the screen shows the process status messages
  • Once reappears the top menu, select reebot system now and the Samsung Galaxy terminal will restart and you can use it as normal, but will run faster
In this easy way you can how to clear the cache manually which, as you'll see, allows the speed with which runs the operating system and applications increase.

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