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I have a fairly modest phone, a Samsung Galaxy Young. Although I have tried to optimize the most of every time it is slower.
-In AutoRun have removed almost all applications that are loaded at startup.
I've disabled services not used.
I've installed x-privacy to control that handles every application
I've deleted the old caches and cleaning done.
I've uninstalled all the bloatware that I could.
'I have especially heavy games or applications.
And yet it is getting slower.
I have a 50 user installed applications. And I've done enough evidence removing and applications to see which I liked.
Am I missing something?
Is there any log file that is loaded after trying too many applications?

Now I'm trying old ROMs to see if I get to go faster ...
Is it worth trying?
Why some improvement general rule is performed with each update ROMs or simply suffer modifying these programs to like Google or telephone operator?
So far I have not noticed bugs in older ROMs or custiones improved in the new ...

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I would say that is the hardware, you also can not ask the impossible and in this case applies well, is not a modest phone, it is a modest three years ago phone and keep in mind that, even though I squeeze them all Hardware reaches limit sometime

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The TouchWiz of the time is very heavy in terms of resource consumption and disk space, so I would recommend seeking a ROM based on CyanogenMod that are very light.
And because your phone is old so you should not ask too much, but if you can leave with a good ROM and use the basics.
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