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Samsung Galaxy S6 Problem with fingerprint scanner

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Problem with fingerprint scanner

people have come to show this defect, something you should consider if you should happen to you. In such cases, the reader of fingerprints does not work when unlock the terminal, so the user is directed to try to use the previously generated backup. Unfortunately this backup does not work and mobile phone is blocked permanently. There are occasions where if the release works with fingerprint detector, coming a second fault where it is observed that automatically, a randomly chosen by the system application is running.


  1. This error has to be corrected by a patch or software update next, so we will wait until Samsung proposes it promptly.
  2. Try to take exact note of the password that was used as a backup; when the fingerprint sensor fails, it is user will have to write exactly and without error this key to unlock the computer.
  3. When the backup fails, the user should attempt to write to the password a lot of occasions (more than 10). At that time, the terminal prompts the user to log in using Google account, which already can generate a new password that will serve as a backup for fingerprints.
  4. If the previously recommended method does not work, then you should try to visit "Find My Mobile" and log in with the respective Samsung account. From there you must locate the device using the left side menu; once this is done you have to choose the option that says "Onlock My Screen" and the mobile device is unlocked. Then you must set a password for the fingerprint scanner again.
  5. On the problem in which randomly opens an application after the screen is unlocked, this would become a problem caused by some Launcher and specifically by Nova Launcher in beta. To correct this problem it is recommended to remove it and return to the original TouchWiz Launcher or try another entirely.
  6. Without any of the solutions mentioned above work, it is best to try to disable the "Fingerprint Scanner" and instead use the pin code or unlock pattern on the screen until there is a final resolution issued by Samsung.

lost tools Quick Setup

Some users of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the variant we have decided to analyze far have failed to see that the menu bar Quick Setup does not show the icons that act as shortcuts for connectivity Wi-Fi, mobile data or privacy.

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