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itunes error 1

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- Turn off the iPhone.

2- Plug it in to your computer (if the iPhone is turned on or open iTunes it's back to turn it off and close iTunes).

3- Press the Home button and the Sleep button for exactly 10 seconds (it is recommended to use a stopwatch). Optimized Ad by Adpushup

Once past the 10 seconds release the power button (top) and continue holding the Home button (below) for another 10 seconds.

4- iTunes will open and detect the iPhone in Restore Mode.

5- Now we should be able to restore or update without problem


more: http://wikitechsolutions.com/8959/how-to-solve-itunes-error-1

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Solution that code that gives you iTunes is because mobile jailbreak been. To solve this problem I'll give you some advice.

1- first creates a backup but iCloud, uninstall iTunes on your PC or laptop, download it again.

2- connects the iPhone back into iTunes and atomaticamente will tell you if you want the last backup of your iPhone is loaded. You give not set up as new. Once restored factory you can now load the backup from iCloud.

If the problem remains the only option is to put the phone in DFU mode pressing both the power button and the power button until you get the logo on mobile you connect your phone to your PC with iTunes, iTunes will tell you to you detected an iPhone DFU follow the steps and go problem solved. Remember that this tends to happen a lot and have to keep trying changed the USB port of your PC or laptop iTunes to accept it. Do not take the sat now has it all under control. If to miss the jailbreak etc, if you take it there or pass anything but you must do the crazy saying that you've updated slam gives you Error -38 -1830 and continuously, if they see that you've done the jailbreak or asks you tell not that you do not know how it's done and do not know what is. It depends who treats you at the store Genius Bar you change it.
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