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The Android Smartphone Vodafone acquired are preset with the data needed to access the Internet . If the phone is free or you have called us to unconfigure internet services , the configuration you need is:
Step 1 . Wanted " Access Point Names "
Press Menu .
Tap Settings .
Click Connections ( version earlier than 4.0) or more settings (equal to 4.0 or later version).
Tap Mobile networks.
Tap APN ( version earlier than 4.0) or Access Point Names (equal to 4.0 or later version).
Step 2 . Creates a new data connection
Press the left menu key.
Tap New APN.
Step 3 . Enter the name of the data connection
Click name .
Enter Vodafone Internet and click OK.
Step 4 . Enter the APN name
Tap APN.
Enter airtelwap.es and click OK.
Step 5 . Enter the user name
Username Press .
Enter wap @ wap and press OK.
Step 6 . Enter the password
Click Password .
Enter wap125 and click OK.
Step 7 . Enter country code
Click MCC.
Enter 214 and press OK.
Step 8 . Enter the network code
Click MNC .
Enter 01 and press OK.
Step 9 . Choose the type of authentication
Click Authentication Type.
Click PAP .
Step 10 . Selects the type of APN
Tap APN type .
Click default ( if it is not , like the Internet).
Step 11 . Guarda and active data connection
Press the Menu key .
Click Save.
Click the field next to Vodafone Internet to dial.

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