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A few weeks ago , the company now CyanogenMod Inc., presented a method, a solution to what it had been since the beginning of time Android was an admittedly complicated as installing a ROM on our mobile task. With the advent of CyanogenMod installer, this process of change a ROM other manufactures as CyanogenMod has become extremely easy to perform.
Today , I tell you my experience with this installer on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus , a terminal and how many of you know , has ceased to have official support from Google but that are still alive thanks to the community, relying on a nightly version CyanogenMod 11 which equals a sweet taste of Android 4.4 KitKat .
Before anything else, but does not mention that this process will void the warranty of your terminal , because at the end of the journey will unlock the bootloader installer , give us access root and install a ROM cooked a different version of the operating system version manufacturer . Something to keep in mind for many, but the experience that most users get with these ROMs gets counteract the lack of legal support from the manufacturer .
CyanogenMod InstallerHands !
First I recommend that you spend all files that do not wish to lose your computers or hard drives , since the process will delete all your data and leave the terminal and left the factory .
Then proceed to unburden from your mobile or tablet application installer for CyanogenMod Android , which was withdrawn from the Google Play Store because its use involved the invalidation of warranty , something that not all users know . To install need to give permission to install our applications outside of Google Play. To do this, go to " Settings" > "Security" > " Unknown sources " box and we activate .
Later , we downloaded the installer application for Windows Vista/7/8 our computer . Open the application and follow the on-screen information : connect our terminal , we accept our unlocking bootloader , and let the whole process be done to see that the phone lights up with animation in CyanogenMod as shown in the picture the right.
From here , the process to follow is identical to carry out the first time we turn on a terminal.
My experience with this process on my Galaxy Nexus has been excellent , that is, the purpose for which it has developed that complies perfectly and the instructions are very simple mechanism . The installed version , M Snapshot , behaves like a charm , with all the advantages that this ROM gives us more privacy and protection of personal data against applications , OTA ​​updates and all the customization you can imagine a performance more remarkable.
We can say that this mechanism is not available for all devices supported by CyanogenMod , but we can be sure that the list will increase support at a good pace , knowing the great work of this community. For now, you can check on the website of terminals supported CyanogenMod
Very important to continue to have these community groups that cause after all many users will get a second chance at their terminals when they were just thinking about abandon them or sell them because the manufacturer decides not update shift beyond 18 months .
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