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my question I think I have already made several people, and yet not have real answers, I am customer postpaid and now a month since I purchased the computer Sony Ericcson Xperia X 10 mini pro U20a thinking this if counted ago with Android OS version higher than 1.6 but my unpleasant surprise which had version 1.6 and connect my computer to the PC Companion thinking that nothing could update but then my question when lords Movistar be available OS upgrade higher than Android 1.6, but I have understood that only you can view flash content from the Android OS version 2.2.
Thank you for your attention, hoping strong responses.

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We invite you to write to support wikiwikihow with facebook to help you upgrade impossible
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good in that case you can only upgrade version 2.1 connecting to your pc. if you can not you can upgrade you to a autorisada hacercar wikiwiki agency.
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Even I could not achieve the update and now I'm desperate, I'm from the city of Ayacucho, which have in huamanga autorisada agency?
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The last official update from Sony Ericsson is version 2.1. If you have an earlier version, you can approach the area of Technical Service at one of our Customer Service Centres and request updating your firmware.saludos
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