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hello , as the update of Android Terminal XPeria P Lt22i know is now available for a month. However, the equipment purchased from Movistar, you can not run the update yet. I would like to know from when can make the upgrade of the terminal, please if you could communicate much would like to know since I require my SmartPhone update since the update came out I expect some response acesores movistar. Thank you very much .....

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Hi, unfortunately it has not approved movistar updates xperia P, bone applications, themes, icons movistar putting stock rom on xperia P. And apparently neither update (the same happens with Claro), If you want to upgrade your xperia Jelly Beam P is the last upgrade that has taken the team to come out and mention recently, you would have to resort to other methods consequently would make you lose the warranty.
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"And apparently neither update (the same happens with Claro)" That's not an answer, please Treat us with more respect and I remind you that we are so Movistar customers lareferencia of course you do is rest.
I expect a prompt response.
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