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HOla friends ... I will sent a U.S. iphone5 allegedly told that I could use in Peru, but when I cut my sim, at cellular signal bars and the 3G connection but the activation screen planted saying:
It appears that the SIM card inserted in the iPhone does not support. You can only use a compatible SIM card operator admitted ...
Hence then was not free to manufacture and using a product could consegir the following information:
iPhone info: .....
IMEI: ......
SIM Locked: yes
Carrier: US Sprint N42 Locked Activation Policy
Status: Apple Limited Warranty
Coverage End Date: 2013-11-20
Estimated Purchase Date: 2012-11-21
Phone is locked. Click here if you want to unlock it.
So with that which is already SPRINT
Now what I want to know is how can I be sure that this team does not have BAD ESN, because I want to pay to unlock and more or less in some pages but always charge $ 145.00 incapié do not support "bad ESN"
So you could understand is that "bad ESN" when this is reported as lost or stolen.
So would an orientation about ...
Or at least be certain that as it detects the signal and 3G in Peru is not with "Bad esn" 'because if so, I'm willing to pay for unlock by IMEI (For use in Peru)

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Because better not sell and you buy another if this factory unlocked?
The Iphones are 5 which are factory unlocked verizon (USA) and at & t have to pay to unlock by IMEI.
I think it's a better option.
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Sell ​​it in Peru would sell it to the tenth, I invest in better release by $ 145 IMEI charge q
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Well good luck!
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You could unlock your iphone 5 Sprint I have the same problem, find a safe site to do?? help
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