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How to disable the keyboard corrector (Google Android)

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Keyboards for Android include an automatic corrector is a good solution, because more than one has avoided it the send a misspelled word. But, also, the decision taken by the application in question is sometimes inadequate, and there are few who believe it is better than aid package is not activated. We will explain how to get this keyboard for Google.

The steps that indicate they are valid for the work of the Mountain View company, if it is not included in the default terminal, you can download it without paying anything for it on the link that we leave on the image after this paragraph. The installation is no mystery as once development begins in the Android terminal change a bale assistant (not eliminate) which is used by default appears.


Corrector steps off

The truth is that it is not complex corrector disable Google Keyboard for Android (for other developments the process may be different, but will not change much). If you have a terminal with the operating system without modification , you have to do the following:

Accesses the terminal settings using the corresponding application you are in the list of developments available

Select the section called Language and Text Input and options available as follows: Keyboard Google

Now choose Spelling and disables the slider called AutoCorrect

In case your Android terminal has a custom interface , such as Samsung TouchWiz, the steps are somewhat different complex- - but not much more. Basically, you have to do is find the section where keyboards, often called Language and input (or similar) are managed.

In the list that appears now you must locate the keyboard Google and do what we have indicated in the t hird previous step . That done, if this development is used, automatic correction will not be performed on your Android.

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