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How to keep all your contacts in your Google account

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You may have stored on your terminal Android a lot of contacts and to keep them always protected, want that are stored in a cloud service. We will propose you do in which Google offers email account that generally is the one that has associated in the device. We explain how to get it easily and quickly.

To do this that you have to have is a phone running Android on which is available from the Google Account User discharged. If this is so, you do not have to use any additional application itself of contacts which is heading into the terminal you have. Yes, the tutorial or will make using a Samsung device (in other models is practically the same, perhaps there is any change in the name of an option, but this is minimal).

Google contacts

Steps to take with your Android

P ara achieve the objective of this article, the option of the Contacts application that allows you to export that is stored in the memory device itself will be used as business cards (.VCF) . What you have to do is the following:

  • Application opens the contact and tap More or icon whose three vertical dots drawing

  • Select the Import / Export option that appears (if this is not available, find it in the Settings menu)

  • Now the options you see on screen and select Export destination that is the storage device itself. Be patient until the process is complete

Contacts settings Samsung

  • Once completed, you must now choose Import and search the file created (where they will be t to nto contacts added manually as own social networks)

  • Now in the window that appears select the Google account where you want the stored information and, when all is over, and have a safe place contacts

Export and import contacts into Google

Now if you go into your account Gmail on your computer, you will see that you have everything available and you can manipulate the information normally. This, for example, if you change allows Android terminal contacts are transferred to this as des high Google account.

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