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How to have a backup of your images and videos in Google Photos

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It is very possible that you are thinking of having a backup of your photos and videos to, on the one hand, be sure that this will not be lost and, on the other, you can free up space in the memory of the mobile device. You can always use some of the services in the cloud storage, such as Dropbox or OneDrive, but is also able to use Google Photos . We explain how to do the latter.

Resting on the Google storage service, Drive , and using their own credentials Mountain View company, it is possible to use this application to back up easily and without complications. And besides, if the service standard image size with an unlimited capacity for what is stored is selected.

News from Google Photos

In addition, Google Photos other issues, such as advanced options organization that always come in handy when you want to review what you have stored earn. Additionally, if it is established, you may be automatically saved all content in the cloud without the user having to do anything (and whenever it is connected to a WiFi network). As shown, all are benefits so we recommend you give it a chance.

Google Photos for backup

The first is to install the application. By default usually it comes on Android terminals, but if this is not your case, the image you leave then you can download at no charge from 

Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.photos&hl=en

Now you must do what we indicated step by step so that everything is perfectly organized and can take advantage of one of the great uses that offers Google Pictures:

  • Once you have the development available, run it. In the top left there is an icon with three horizontal lines (hamburger) that you use to access to all corners of the work. Of those listed, you must now choose Settings .

  • Now you must look for a section called Backup and synchronization , and thus you can set how you want Google Photos manage the saved images and videos


Settings Google Photos app

copy security features on Google Photos


  • You can access the backup options of Play Services in Android and can manage options such as storage capacity if desired. Remember that if the management of image sizes allowed by default , there is no limit to what you save.

  • You can specify the folder in which you want to back up to the cloud. Which is used by default it is fine, but if necessary it can be done to change it by clicking on the corresponding section is in the options you see on screen

Once done, you're all set and set for backups, as the automated process is included by default and has not changed (this is possible in the same place where you have changed other details google Photos ). Simple and fast, and best of all , this tool is most useful.


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