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How to leave your LG G4 as the day you bought it safely

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The phone LG G4 has become a model that, by lowering what it costs before the arrival of G5 offers an excellent price / quality ratio. Its hardware is quite competent, or a Snapdragon 808 processor with six cores inside, such as using the Nexus 5X, and has such distinctive features as its 2K screen or main camera that offers a very good quality when take photos. Well, you may're looking for ways to leave it as new , something you will explain in this article.

And do we mean to use the Restore factory option included in the operation, but to perform what is known as a system "hard reset" , so all you have in the LG G4 is removed (do not forget to a backup of all, since you'll never have when you complete the steps this option). And so it will be exactly like the day I took it out of its box for the first time.


The effectiveness of this process is high to get the terminal in question again or offer all its processing capacity. Thus, it is the most advisable if you want to start again with LG G4 or, failing that , if you have some kind of malfunction due to the cache or any other reason ( as long as no problem even hardware, of course).

What you have to do with your LG G4

Before you begin, two issues that must be considered: the first is to carry out the steps indicated is the sole responsibility of usurious own. And the second question is that you should follow the directions in the order we supply since otherwise not performed correctly the process, which can result in unwanted errors.

  • Once that has been done the backup of the information, which is indispensable, you have to turn off the LG G4

  • Enter the Recovery Mode by turning the phone using in combination and volume down buttons on

  • In the menu that once indicated the LG G4 appears, you must choose the option Wipe data / Factory reset using for this couple the volume buttons move between options and the power to select

New LG G4c

  • The possibilities you see on screen, select Yes you start the process, which will not take long but you must have patience

  • Now you use the Reboot System Now and when you restart the LG G4 will begin the setup process and there will not be any data inside

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