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How to clear the cache on Nexus 6P

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Clean the cache of a terminal Android can be a way to solve the malfunction terminal at specific time as the information stored in it you can become corrupted over time. Well, we will indicate how to achieve this in the phablets Nexus 6P of Google.

There is a possibility to clear the memory cache of applications you have installed, used to accelerate the implementation of these. It is also possible to perform a process so globalized and that is faster, but less precise because it clears the whole cache having the mobile device, in this case the Nexus 6P .

If it is clear that development is hampered presented, ideally it opts for the first option. In the case of not knowing and not having time (for instance), it is best to "throw down the street in the middle" and cache delete Nexus 6P. We will explain the two options so that they use the one that best suits each user the follies of-this being responsible to follow the paces.

Nexus side buttons 6P

Clear the global cache Nexus 6P

To achieve this, it removes the information from the buffer system, which has to do is access the menu Recovery Device Google and perform some options with him. Anyway , you must do the following:

  • Off the Nexus 6 and restart combined pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons until the startup screen appears

  • Now navigate using the volume buttons to select Recovery Mode and confirmed using the on

  • When you see the Android logo, release the power button. Now press and release the Volume Up

  • Now access the option and select Wipe cache partition with the Power button. In the new window that appears select Yes and dale use

  • Finally restart the Nexus 6P for the changes to be effective

With this you have cleaned the system cache of the terminal to be replaced with a new one when the device working again (you will notice a small initial delay, but will lay optimum operation).

back of the Nexus 6P

Eliminates application cache

This process is what makes the intermediate information for each development that allows its deletion boot faster . It does not remove anything else, so it is a very controlled process and affects only the chosen application. You must do the following:

  • Access the settings Nexus 6 and go to the section Storage & USB

  • Now select the Applications option, where you will see a list of you have installed

  • Choose the one you want to delete the cache and in the window that opens make use the Clear Cache button that's on the screen of your Nexus 6P

  • Repeat these steps with all the developments that you think do not work as they should

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