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How quickly access the screen settings on your Android

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Whether to change the wallpaper or parameters such as brightness, it is quite usual to make changes to this section regularly. We will explain how to save time in the process easily.



This is possible by creating a shortcut on the desktop that access to display settings that are in the operating system settings. Thus, the use is not necessary to perform the usual to have to go find the corresponding menu in the Android device process. However, to take the appropriate steps necessary to have Android Lollipop or Marshmallow , otherwise they could not come to fruition because it does not include the necessary functionality .

Direct access to the display settings on Android

Create a shortcut on your Android

Then let the next steps on your phone or tablet for each modification you do get display make it faster way without losing usual options. The first thing you have to do is press continuously in a free spot on the desktop to, in this way, you can select the Widgets option.

The first appears as available is the delos Settings. Click on it and drag to the desktop hold on you want to be the shortcut that opens the options screen in your Android. Done this, a displayed list of possibilities that can be associated with what you have created, where you have to search screen ( of course, you can use any other if you need one). Now, you simply use the icon you created to make any changes.

Android Widget Settings

Android widget settings options


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