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ln-s / usr / local / share / pixmaps / xwine / / usr / share / pixmaps / xwine 
and I get permission denied 
because I have no idea 

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all you have to do is to put this word: 
you to make it across the line, so you stay: 
sudo ln-s / usr / local / share / pixmaps / xwine ... / usr / share / pixmaps / xwine 
see one you enter the website, you asked for a password, give it (apparently nothing will be written, but is not it), this is for you to get root permissions (superuser)

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You have to prefix the command sudo ... 
or active root account that ubuntu has by default disabled, this page are the steps to do
For safety the root account is disabled by default in Ubuntu. Instead every time you want to execute a command with superuser permissions have to precede it with the sudo command, which allows you to run commands as root if we were another user (by default, but you can use the-u flag to specify another user). 
However we may want to momentarily activate the root account if you ever have to perform many administrative tasks, so we do not have to type sudo dozen times. 
To enable the root account just assign a password: 
sudo passwd root 
Once this is done we can log in as root, or log in as a normal user and start executing commands as root by typing the su command. 
Upon completion of the tasks I needed to perform, it is desirable to re-disable the super user with the flag-l (-lock):
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in ubuntu if these as a normal user on the console you have to prepend sudo before each command / move or modify any folder / file system command.
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