Hello you prefer Linux OS Ubuntu or Fedora?

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asked Apr 11, 2014 in Home by smile (6,100 points)

Hi I have 2 on my computer operating systems WINDOWS 7 Ultimate and by applying the Wubi Ubuntu, which is a dual system two systems at once, which then you like more of the same as the Ubuntu Linux operating system or Fedora? Thanks and I hope answers

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answered Apr 11, 2014 by eddy (12,480 points)

Well, I prefer Ubuntu because it is very easy to use , especially any LTS version ( extended support ) . Both are very similar in functionality and performance cuanrto , but only for the above reasons I prefer Ubuntu. In addition , behind Ubuntu is a company ( Canonical ) which gives coherence to alginos important aspects of their development. The ubuntera community is very large and much official and unofficial documentation helps you to clear doubts and to take full advantage of your system offers .
I would recommend installing Linux in its own file system ( create a separate partition on the hard drive ) instead of having it within Windows.
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Thank you very much for your answer , but Ubuntu I have installed on a disk partition in which it is not the WINDOWS if a secondary drive and separate partition for this , I got by applying Wubi is easy and simple to install and very fast and has many versions 

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