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How to Restart any  Smartphone Locked

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Soft-Reset vs Hard-Reset

However, before giving clues about each let's differentiate what would be a "soft-reset" of a "hard-reset" the two most common but not unique restarts that can be made in the system of a smartphone.
The "soft-reset" is more common and easier to perform. It presents no danger to the data stored on the device as simply "reboot system", without more, making a cycle off and on the device. It is moreover, a medium usually
Now there are times when this is not enough to recover the device and running again. You have to take more drastic measures and come into play "hard-reset" that what it does is delete all data from the device and leave it with the system configuration with which left factory. Obviously it is a measure which will lose a lot of information and is only suitable for very few cases, making it interesting to have a backup of our data to dump them again later.

Soft-Reset Methods

Made previous caveats, let's focus first on how to restart, or apply a "soft-reset" any smartphone, depending on your operating system and manufacturer.
First, Apple and its iPhone. The system is still the same since the first model and just press the top button, which turns off and on the screen, next to Hombe button for a few seconds and see how it goes and mazana feature appears on the screen. It goes without saying that in the iPad, the method is the same.

We will now Android and here armed, according to the manufacturer, there are differences. Samsung, LG and Huawei are those that offer a more simple and intuitive system, just let down the power button until the device restarts. For its part, Sony and HTC have another system, and is to press the power button and volume up simultaneously for the same operation. Finally, Motorola changes a little this system and the combination is the power button and the volume down. However, some terminals as the Sony Xperia Z2 already have a hole next to the SIM card slot in which inserting a needle is possible to restart the terminal.

Finally, Nokia with its Lumias with Windows Phone repeats the pattern of Motorola, ie power button plus button to lower the volume down for a few seconds will make the smartphone with Windows Phone 8 is restarted, since this method was different in the previous version of the operating system Microsoft.

Hard-Reset Methods

As mentioned earlier, any such method erases all data (contacts, photos, music, passwords, etc.) of the terminal, so we insist again, it is highly recommended that regular backup of data terminals. Both iOS and Android or Windows Phone let you use iCloud, Google Drive or OneDrive, respectively, so that this copy is made "in the cloud" and automática.Dicho this way, the methods of "hard reset" are disparate, and almost different in each case.

Apple makes a combination in which you have to keep the Home button and Power together for 10 seconds and then stop just down the first 10 seconds. After that, iTunes will detect the DFU mode terminal when we connect to the computer via a USB cable and allow the reinstallation of the entire system with the latest version of iOS available.

In the case of Windows Phone and Nokia phones, the process is even more complicated. You have to leave the phone off at least 20 seconds, disconnect the charger and connect it to the down volume key down. (!) At the time the symbol of an exclamation screen will appear and will press the following keys in order: volume up, volume down, power, volume down. After this, the phone itself will begin erasing and restore factory settings.

Finally, Android is no single recipe. The variety of models and makes manufacturers may be variations but the most common are one of these three:
- Volume Up, "home" button on Android.
- Lower volume and power.
- Button "home" and on.
In any case, we will take the "Android System Recovery" where you can choose to reset the device or make a reset to factory settings mode.

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