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let's try a little something off your anti virus and then open Google Chrome, if you continue without entering try this dale click when => change settings, make sure the time and date are real and then go to the last box that Time called Internet, go to change settings and make sure that this option in time.windows.com

if this does not work do the following empty the cache memory ccokies browser, disable the firewall (firewalls), close the Control Panel, open your chrome browser, wait about 10 seconds and shut (the chrome browser), then active in new firewalls and recompensest open your browser, you have to run

by the way the firewall Firewall in W7 (I guess that's the operating system you have) you find these steps Start => Control Panel => Windows Firewall => Enable or disable Windows Firewall => you go to the option disable firewall (there 2. clickealas), to activate again have the same procedure but select enabled XDXDXD

if still the same as it tries to restart the router (or usb connection you have etc)

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1. Go to the folder containing the 'hosts' file
Usually you found on this route:
C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc

2. Open the file with notepad
To do this, click the right mouse button on the 'hosts' file, select Open with ... and choose Notepad.
3. Eliminate anything below localhost
4. Save changes
Go to File> Save. It is done!
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