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download unsuccessful errors google play store

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First Method:

Go to Settings - Applications - Application Manager, select All, and search Google Play Store, then forcing arrest or force stop, clear the cache and data, you must do the same with Google Play Services and Google Account Manager. Prevented from starting on restart and log on to Google Play.

Second method (also works for "Error processing purchase DF-BPA_09")

If the first method did not work, you can try to delete your Google Account settings whenever you delete your account will request a Factory reset, unless you have a rooted your computer

Assuming that you have rooted your device, follow these steps to delete your Gmail account.

Clears the cache and data of Google Play Store (as in the first method), then reboot your device, and now enters settings-accounts-add account and enter your Gmail account, open the Play Store and you can download from your device .
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