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Such, success in your work!!!!!!!!; I'm in a 
real problem, the overnight can not run my 
programs. developed in VFP 9.0 exe. show me the error code 
(Fatal error: Exception code = C0000005). but the strange thing is that 
I can open normally and ejecuar fox from there the. prg. 
I hope someone has a solution to my problem, I have VFP 9.0 SP1 
thank you very much in advance

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You've made ​​any changes to your PC 
This error comes out when there are any external component that needs to be processed VFP 
Deberas install the necessary componenete 

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Have an OCX control for example PDF documents, Word, or 
In any case you can try going to Tools / System 
Reset system and change the situation a few days ago 
when everything you worked. 
If this solves your problem and go observing what update is 
you is causing the error. 
Greetings, this will tell us if the problem result
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Firstly thank you all for your contribution to the solution of my 
Restaurare the system and now if I run it correctly, but 
I will always install SP2. 
Again I thank you for your input, Thanks for being there to help.
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solution to Fatal error: Exception code = C0000005

 had the same problem gave me the following error:
Fatal error : Exception code = C0000005 @ 17/04/09 8:55:09 AM .
Error log file : C: \ Program Files (x86 ) \ Common Files
\ Microsoft Shared \ VFP \ vfp9rerr.log
Install your version 9 Sp2 , yet was still giving the error.
I started to check all code again and I realized that as
I was working with forms grid , the grid was created to
load the form , but had no table is selected in the grid
builder and this caused me an error.
I give an example
In the button command1 had.
Thisform.Grid1.RecordSource = 'You imprimir_portadas '
thisform.grid1.ColumnCount = 2
thisform.grid1.column1.Width = 75
thisform.grid1.column1.Alignment = 2
thisform.grid1.column2.Width = 601
thisform.grid1.column2.Alignment = 3
thisform.grid1.column1.header1.caption = "Code "
thisform.grid1.column2.header1.caption = " Product Name "
thisform.grid1.Refresh ( )
I loaded the data in the grid in recordsource
but had not selected the table in the grid builder , to give
clicking the second mouse button and select the build grid .
I hope to help them
To me it served me .
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