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I'm trying to find out whether or not a page is compressed by GZIP to save transfer. Ie whether the web server sent in GZIP compressed files ( although it could be Deflate ) customer . I just have no idea what to do to find , as the browser do not tell us if pressed , I have no way of knowing , because the page always looks the same in the tablets which sites are not.

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 Indeed, the compression process GZIP / DEFLATE is transparent to the user , so that browsers display the same way the websites that are compressed and not (and thankfully so, because if need the decompressed for us without us having to do anything. currently most of the pages are sent compressed and a delay would have to decompress hand )
So if you want to see if a page is compressed or not , the right way is to examine the HTTP headers , to look at the response from the web server, which has a flag that indicates whether and how compressed format. It is as simple as reading these headers, but of course as browsers will not show by default, because we have to have some tool to view them.
In the HttpLiveHeaders Firefox plugin is very interesting and useful.
We can also access this link , where they have a form where you enter an address and say whether or not the response was compressed with GZIP / Deflate and get various data related attractions such as the size of the compressed file uncompressed .

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The browser sends this header to say that accepts compression: 
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate 
But the header we have to see to know if the page is the wine compressed HTTP response header, that sends the web server. We have to find a flag like this: 
Content-Encoding: gzip 
In that case the server indicates that the page is compressed with GZIP.
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If you have the toolbar "Web Developer Toolbar" from Firefox, you can access the Information> View Document Size menu. 
Then you will see the contents of the website and the sizes of the uncompressed and compressed files.
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Is it reliable? 
Install Plug firefox that tells me my server compresses the page before sending. 
But the site recommending tells me otherwise, that is just my index compression and other pages of the site no. 
Edit the file "htacces." As is explained in the article on this site: 
How can we create a. Htaccess to configure Apache and ask you to send all files except images, compressed with GZIP. 
Just copy there as it says in the. Htaccess but not good if this
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Measure the compression with a web 
Friends, I found browsing online tool that allows to know the status of the compression of our site 
I tried it on my page and I http://sofiaplus.net verify that all the changes I've been doing has not helped because the status is still disabled. 
I'm right? or I do something wrong ..?
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