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How to take a screenshot on samsung galaxy j2

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Making a screenshot in Samsung galaxy j2

In addition to the above method, there is also a second way to make a screenshot in Android.

This method involves simultaneously press the Home button and the Power button. If we hold both buttons for a few seconds, we will see how our mobile makes a screenshot and saves it in the same folder as the one in the first method.
However, some manufacturers of smartphones have decided to install on their phones other systems to make screenshots. For example, in the case of the Korean Samsung, such as mobile Galaxy j2 they have another method to take a screenshot, as follows.

Making a screenshot in some Samsung phones with swipe method


To take a screenshot on some phones from Samsung (usually upper-middle range) we simply slip your hand from right to left across the screen. That is, with the palm of his outstretched hand and looking right must "drag" the hand on the screen from right to left.
If your phone supports this method, we see how the display lights and the capture is stored in the same folder as in the previous case.

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