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It is to restore the phone to factory settings and now can not connect to any WiFi network. First you are obtaining the IP address and then a saying (disabled Red. Weak signal) even though the signal is 100% message.
I wonder if any of you know that I have to make settings so you can connect without any problems to the WIFI network.

Thank you.

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Hi ami well look something happened to me since my s2 actualize the ICS 4.0 I can not connect wifi network Wing Village is open ... I have an old Nokia and has no trouble connecting wing network ... I am worried and waiting for jelly bean aver if the problem is fixed lol. Sorry I buddy but I can not think of anything.
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Good day! my happening to me exactly the same. The signal is at 100%, all other Windows devices connect seamlessly with Android Tablet but does not connect. When he bought a month ago it did not happen and now it will not connect. I appreciate that if they have the solution or that is the way of support for Android let me know. Thank you very much
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if your question was several years ago, today July 30, 2014,
My problem is that my Tablet Samsung Galaxy 7 not connected to the Internet and had the following message "seeking IP, disabled and weak signal network" and my PC if connected well, the solution was as follows: I communicate with the Internet operator and I reconfigured the connection, and every problem was settled. they informed me that they were presenting disadvantages of RED and I thought I played send repair TABLET,
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exactly the same thing happens, the signal is 100%, all other Windows devices connect seamlessly with Android Tablet but does not connect. solve it that easy, call operator recetearon internet and the Moden, and ready
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