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Hello, I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy s scl and I'm in a period of adaptation, but I can not do the basic things I did with my old terminal. Or the instruction manual in hand.
The first is that if I turn off the terminal at night not alrma sounds, is it normal? there any way to set par sound.
The second is not like making a note or task me sound an alarm.
The third is there any way to synchronize anniversaries, GPS positions nokia 6110 old to the new samsung galaxy s scl?
The fourth. When I connect the "bluethoz" parrot car with the name of my cell it appears but it tells me is offline, and still can receive calls but can not make a call by dialing jar.
Thanks for your advice.

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Thank you for participating in the forum AndroidPIT !! We split:
1. As far as the alarm, I'm sorry but I'm afraid there is no solution. He thinks that it is a computer, and when turned off, it turns off completely. You have to have it connected all night if you wish the alarm sounds, or you can also put in "airplane mode", in this case, uses less battery and sound anyway.
2. Note or task alarm: Pretty simple. Use the Calendar. You have it in your applications menu. Select the day and in the menu you can choose whether you want the alarm to sound or not. Furthermore you can sync your Samsung to your computer calendar, so you can have it in both places. To synchronize you need to download the Samsung Kies program.
For now that's the only thing where I can help I can offer other assumptions. For example, I think we need to synchronize the program I've mentioned. As to your last question, I honestly do not know why that is. Forum hope someone can help you.


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I am new to this phone and I did the same and although it is a good answer, and the phone is very powerful encuanto technology and performance continues to be a cell phone which I qa that the previous review was referring to and as equal q the q programs had a mobile when you turn it off and longer if the super-mobile and can not do this to me is a defect.
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To me it has happened to me and I fell asleep and it's really annoying.
Read the net I saw that there smartphone (can not remember name) that can loa off and on time light alone and if the alarm sounds like the old Nokia.
No such work or as hacen.Se remain off but I imagine that somewhere in the system will remain in stand-by or the minimum energy to give momentum and turn it on.
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