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Yesterday while I was with my LG OPTIMUS BLACK surfing the internet, so quiet, I was little battery. When I was finished, I put immediately loaded.I lit it put the PIN number and when I realized ... no coverage of red.La cojia notification bar tells me that no SIM card is detected, and when lock the phone, I get a message saying security error. Only emergency calls hacer.Lo let me have reset, I have reinstalled the software ... and nothing. Still no reaction. What I can ultilizar me all goes well except eso.Alguien knows a solution? Thank you

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If I'm not mistaken, you have to take the SAT because it is the fault sim reader.

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But I wonder and I work and stop working for mobile repente.El I have 3 months ago ... I do not get nothing? Thank you.
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Moreover I think if you recognize .... because when I switch it asks me pin number. This is rare DDDDD
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The same thing happened to me and I had to take the SAT.If under warranty they will not be charged anything.
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That happened to me and send the SAT, the good that I got a new one and had been with the mobile one month and a half. Now about 10 days without mobile is wrong lol
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This issue has already been much talk here. In my time I 10 days to have it and I changed it with a new one. Now I have 2 and a half months and no problem with this.
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I happened to you just as suddenly was with the LG pcsuite and went out and when lit, no coverage, and the "security error" screen
You say that you sent the SAT is this, either orange shop for repair, no? otherwise, you say that you got a new one what you quedásteis with everything else? I say this because to me the guy took the phone, removed the battery and sd cap, wrapped in paper repair, he puts a rubber band and the shows!
Thanks for answering. this is my first post .. input ... message ... thing.
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Thanks for answering.
Okay, so wait, I think. They have not given me "replacement phone" so I'll get along with "old" Nokia N80 is Symbian, little does the battery, it will slow .. but it's like the fucking Fraga, who does not die.
What bad luck! crazy to contentment with mobile, bicheándolo daily, and 28 my birthday comes, if the day of Gingerbread on the Optimus Black ... and stay without it
Ducks Greetings !!!
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