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It worked well but now when I open the Play Store app says "Error retrieving server information. [RH-01]" and I can not do anything. I tried to clear the cache of Google Play Store and Google Play services but still have the problem. Gmail still works from the phone, so I do not think it's a problem connecting to my google account.

I have a Xperia Arc with custom rom, which turns out to be the problem.

How to fix error retrieving information from server RH-01?

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Problem: Failed to download apps and games from the Play Store

Solution 1. Go to settings, log in to the application menu, click on the tab "All", get «Google Play Market", click "Clear data" and "Clear Cache". Repeat steps for «Google service framework». Try to install the updates.


Solution 2: Remove account Google. Stop, delete the data and cache for the Google Play Store, Google service framework and the download manager. Add a Google Account, and then restart your smartphone.


Solution3: We will go to Settings> Applications, and seek All Play Store. You will press the following buttons: Force stop, Clear cache.

Now back to Settings> Applications, and we'll find Marco All services. You will press the following buttons: Force stop, Clear cache.

Finally reboot your device, and if all goes well, now you should have no problems.

Note: If you have not had results, you must also delete the data from the two applications; go to accounts and delete your Google account; ensure that the date and time of your device are correct; and finally restart your device.

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plan 1 worked, thanks
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Nothing I do works ...I can sign into my account. ...but when I go to Google Play ..it says [ RH-01 ]  But nothing works
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Reset App Preferences
Thank Suraj Padmasali who suggested this in the comments below. To do this:
1.Go to settings and then Apps or Application Manger depending on your version of Android.
2.When you can see all installed App click on the three dots in the upper right.
3.Now select: Reset App preferences and read the message on screen and then select Reset Apps. Note this will not affect your data.
4.Extra: For some apps you can clear preferences for that app specifically by clicking on it or going to storage and look for launch by default and select Clear defaults.If you cant find this setting no issue as doing up to setup three above should be enough as it clears everything for all Apps.
For more info visit this URL:
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We must remove the google account. (In parameters, google accounts select and delete) and then reconfigure it.
Alternatively go to the applications (in parameters) and google store and delete the cache and data, forcing the google play store to stop.
restart it as
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Still m getting error
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Click Settings tab on where you get the "RH-01" error message, look at the below, you will see someting like "Compile Version", as soon as you click this Google Play updates itself in seconds and error fixes.
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I can do all the following steps
But that are unhelpful.
In the Play Store I can't do anything.
I also remove my Google account and add my Google account for ten or twelve times.
But it is not use.
Some time Play Store is opened.
But II was clear data for Play Store that is not worked.
I was sent feedback for Play Store but, no result their.
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Try the steps to get rid of the issue.

  • Clear cache and data in the Google Play Store.
  • Clear cache for Google Play Services.
  • Uninstall updates of Google Play Store.
  • Remove your Google account from your device.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Re-add your Google account too your device.
  • Check whether your device's data and time were correct.

This will resolve your issue.

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I've done everything and I still get the rh-01 on Google play
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Same still getting the error ive tried it many times now.
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Yes and so do I!
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I am having same problem, I am using Micromax Doodle 2. I have almost done every trick but not worked.
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Can anyone suggest me, which method to follow?
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hey simple first u download root explorer  then go into etc folder  and select first on top mount r/o it is ok then open host (long press on tht)  shows menu select open in text editor if u having couldent sign in problem so add # in file second ip 0r  rh 1 problem so remove the hatch and save the file and go with google play store accept the private policies yes
and it is ok
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I an using Micromax DC Q300.
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I've done all that as well but its still the same
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• Problem: google play store error while retrieving information from server rh 01
• Solution 1: Settings> Applications> ALL> Erase data and cache of the Google Play Store. Ditto for Google Play Services.
Try the download again.
• Solution 2: Settings> Accounts> Google> Remove your GMail account.
Settings> Applications> Tab "ALL"> Force stop, clear the cache and data of Google Play Store, Google Play Services and the Download Manager.
Settings> Accounts> Google> Add your GMail account. Restart. Accept the terms of use and configure Google Google settings.
Turn on the Google Play Store and install or update your application.

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will all my whatssapp messages be deleted
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None of these are working...
Actually the problem started when i mistakenly uninstalled the play store app and reinstalled it by downloading Apk mirror...but after after reinstalling it is showing this error...i have tried every suggetion but none worked... if there is any other way to make it fine...plz help...
My cellphn model is Karbonn A1+ Duple ..
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I do this many times but it do not do nothing
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Time to time rh 01 error when i use googale play store
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When you try to log in from your android device to play store, and you a message with the following 'error when retrieving information from the server. Error Rh-01 ', this is a fault which is generally known as the rh-01 mistake, and we can find as always the first steps to clear the cache of play store and play services nevertheless carried out the problem persists as well here we'll show you must do to resolve this situation.

Well, first clarify that this error when trying to enter the play store and this is because some applications have ROMs in a personalized way so they create an error within the system and from there can damage some other applications, also to mobilize from one place to another folder applications this can damage and when entering the store play store will not be read correctly, as the appropriate path is not maintained so find the message occurrence of the error rh-01, it can also occur because there Gapps packages that become incompatible, due to the verification of applications among other things, so we will show you step by step what to do

rh-01 error google play store

  •  go to settings, applications there, and there to manage applications.
  • You must select the tab that appears 'all', find and open Play Store
  • When opened press the delete button cache
  • Then press the botos of 'hard stop'
  • Go back to settings, entering applications and then manage applications again.
  • Press 'framework service'
  • There press delete data
  • And equally 'force stop'
  • On leaving this and try to enter the play store even find the error
  • Restart your mobile data device, turn it off and turn wait a few minutes, once you turn wait at least two minutes to wait for the android operating system has fully loaded and ready.

This way you can solve this problem of error rh-01 as following these key steps could help in the event that a cache is corrupt and therefore the cause of all these problems, due to the existence of these corrupt caches is that messages usually appear strange errors.

You must not forget also check your storage device, and capabilities to prevent any future situation; if you follow the above steps your problem have already had the solution, however you can also add a step which is to delete the data from the application of the play store, it may help or if not resolved this last step it must be necessary for the error to disappear completely, because that would repair malicious cache that can be found on your mobile device.

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No better after doing all the above. If there is anything to drive me to Apple this will do It!
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Help with proxy server RH-01
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system updates can provide improvements that may fix the problem with the device. To find and install updates the system does the following:
Opens the main Settings application on the device.
"System," touch About phone or About tablet> System updates> Check now.
If there is any system update is available, tap Install. You may need to restart the device to complete the update. If no updates available system, the message "The system is updated" on the screen.
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I Have done everything stated on this site, as well as about 10 others, to No avail. Still getting the same goddamn message and I'm ready to throw this phone across the room, please  do Not tell me to follow the steps again exactly, for I HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT. I need something new that WILL WORK!  The phone is a LG ls620 android ver 4.4.2, never been rooted!
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This can be caused by an incompatible GApps package. If that is not the case (and you're sure you have the correct / supported GApps installed), do the following:

  1. Open the "Google Play" application, press the home button to return
  2. Go to Settings → Applications → Manage Applications
  3. Select the tab "All", search for "Google Play Store" and tap to open.
  4. Click "Clear cache"
  5. Press "Stop"
  6. Back to Settings → Applications → Manage Applications
  7. Press "Google Services Framework"
  8. Click "Clear Data"
  9. Press "Stop"
  10. Start "Google Play Store" and should give an error
  11. Reboot the system. Once the device has rebooted Google Play Store should work. Wait a minute or two if you do not.

This will help if the corrupt cache is the cause of their problems (a corrupt cache could lead to strange error messages, etc.). If that does not help, you can try the same steps but including "Clear Data" for the application of playstore.

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Hey if you're like me your app store just stopped working outta no where for know reason n also like me you've tried everything you could find online and nothing would work for some reason n know one can help you even Google well if so I got 1 Q for you ...... do you have kids or kids that use your phone(or whatever) then allow me to help as much as I can at least.  My kids use my tablet all the time n this is the first time something this has ever happened to me and like I said I looked online and tried everything I could find and nothing would help me out not even the Google people could help me out because it was something my kids into my settings and while they we're on it so my suggestion to you is to go into your settings and just go through everything that's what I had to do everything until you find out what not right... what needs to be changed and fix it and yeah  just go through each setting until you find out what's been changed and change it back it was that easy for me honestly I felt kind of stupid when I found out how it was to fix especially after all the hard work I did try to figure it out anyways hope I help you out today and have a good day
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For phone rooted:

Backup Google Play Store with Titanium Backup. Then uninstall Google Play Store. Reboot phone. Open Titanium Backup, restore from the backup just now (restore App only, do not select App+Data). Reboot phone again. After this reboot, Google Play Store should work fine. This help me to restore Google Play Store on my Redmi Note 2.
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reset your device completely there your done Buh bye
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