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How to take a screenshot on LG K7

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To take a screenshot of your computer screen, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the desired screen.
  2. At the same time, keep the keys pressed Power and Volume Down .
  3. When flashes screenshot, release the keys.
  4. The screenshot is saved in the Gallery .

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Hello fellow members and users of LG K7 !!

If you have always wondered how you can make a screenshot with this terminal, then I'll explain in a simple way:

1. With QuickMemo

All devices LG has the possibility of making screenshots through the QuickMemo application. He is accessed either from the notification bar where you find as a quick adjustment, so that when we are on the screen we want to capture, just have to slide the notification bar and click on QuickMemo.

Another way to activate QuickMemo is by simultaneously pressing the key volume up and volume down.

2. Combination of buttons

We just have to press both the volume key down and on / off until we hear the sound or vibration indicating that the catch has been taken.

It is done! I hope you have been helpful

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Take a screenshot should be a simple functionality and affordable for everyone, but users with new top range of LG, often do not know how to do. Here is a short guide to making a screenshot with LG G4, G3 and G2.

A screenshot is a shot that lets you save a file, the screen displayed on your device. In devices with Android operating system, usually to carry out a screenshot, simply use the combination of the Power button and volume keys, except Samsung, which always uses the combination with Home button and the Volume Down button.

With the arrival of the new LG G4 , top range of the Korean company, many users have encountered difficulties when taking screenshots of your device for the particular location of the physical buttons, positioned in this device, in the back, as happened in past for LG G3 and before the G2.

Here is a short and simple guide to make a screenshot with LG G4, G3 and G2:

Method 1 - screenshot Shooting with physical buttons

To  make a screenshot with LG G4, G3 and G2 simply hold down the Power button (2) and the volume down key (1) , placed in the back of your LG device. You'll hear the classic sound of the photo and a white frame for a second shot will appear around the image on the display. At this point, accessing the Photo Gallery, you will find the screenshot.

Method 2 - Screenshot of Quick Memo + from the Notification panel

To further simplify and expand the shooting capabilities of a screen, LG has made the house a special application called Quick Memo + , which also allows you to add notes and drawings to the scanned image before it is saved. To access Quick Memo + is sufficient to lower the drop-down related to the notifications panel menu of your G2, G3 or G4 Quick Memo and press the + button. This will display the captured image and the application menu, through which add a drawing, a note or text and save it in your gallery.

Method 3 - Screenshot of Quick Memo + by soft touch

LG has decided to create a special soft touch for Quick Memo + to add to the three canons on LG G4, G3 and G2, so as to further simplify and speed up access to the functionality.

To enable soft touch Quick Memo + simply move on Settings-> Display-> Touch Buttons front-> Shortcut keys . From here, through a simple drag and drop you can add the icon of Quick Memo + to those already existing, and then use it to make a screenshot.

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