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Installing the Android plug-in for Eclipse (ADT)

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The last step is to install the Android plug-in for Eclipse, also known as ADT. This developed by Google, software installs a series of accessories in Eclipse, so that the development environment suited to developing applications for Android. New buttons, application types, views, create ... to integrate Eclipse with the Android SDK just install. 
Step by step exercise: Installing the Android plug-in for Eclipse (ADT) 
To install the Android plug-in follow these steps: 
1. Start Eclipse and select Help> Install New Software ... 
2. In the Available Software dialog, click Add ... In the Add Site dialog departure enter a name for the remote site (eg Android Plugin) in the Name field. In the Location field, enter the following URL: 
NOTE: If you have trouble acquiring the plugin, you can try to use https in the URL instead of http. Finally click OK. 
Now Available on Developer Tools Software box will appear:

3-Select packages to install and click Next. Now they are listed the characteristics of Android DDMS and Android Development Tools. 
4. Click Next to read and accept the license agreement and install any dependencies and click Finish. 
5. Restart Eclipse. 
6. Configure Eclipse so you know where Android SDK is installed. This comes on the enWindows> Preferences ... and select Android preferences panel on the left. Now click Browse ... to select elSDK Location and select the path where you have unzipped the Android SDK. Apply changes and click OK.

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