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  • Snapchat screenshot android
  • How to make a screenshot of a Snapchat

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Make Snapchat image capture is not very different to the normal process of screen capture on your phone. However, if you do not want the other person know you're going to keep his glorious image forever, the process is slightly different. Here both forms (the scheming and conniving super) are detailed.

Method 1 of 3: Take a screenshot with notifications

  1. Open a Snapchat on your phone. If you want, you experience by sending one to yourself. You are automatically connected to your contact list if you wonder how to find yourself.
  2. Snap open Keep touching the screen. Snap duration must be long enough so you can press the appropriate to take the screenshot keys while still lasts Snap. The shorter, faster steps have to think ahead.
  3. While still pressing the Snap, press the appropriate keys on your phone. Each type is different, but hopefully this will cover your needs: 

Screenshot iphone.JPGEn iPhone, press the power buttons and start at the same time. The screen will flash, and if you make a noise like sounds of camera shot too

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Android 4.0 or higher: If your Android phone is new enough, it works with Android 4.0 OS operating system. While you are pressing the Snap, press the key to decrease the volume and power button simultaneously.
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Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note: Press the Home button and the Power button at the Same Time.

  • With Android SDK software: Send THIS require root to give the UN (rooting) your phone, here's What can void the warranty. Go to article Envelope How to download Android SDK Install the appropriate software para para your Android Phone.

Galaxy S: Press the "back" button and the power button at the same time.

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4-Go back to your list of Snapchat. If you sent one to yourself, you'll see it says "x minutes ago ... screenshot (1)." That means that the sender is receiving a notification informing that the receiver is taking a screenshot. If you want to do this without notification (you sly dog​​, you), proceed to the next method. 

If you have not yet caught the trick, do not send images that do not want it to last forever, even Snapchat. The security of the person can be easily maneuvered and dirty image that you just send can work against you.
5-Go to your gallery. The screenshot you just made should be the last photo of the list. It is there FOREVER.
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The application Snapchat lets you send and receive messages with photos and short videos. While this is its most popular feature, and what distinguishes it from similar, there are many who would like to be able to save some of those images to get back to them later. If you're one of them, then you know some tricks and applications to save pictures and videos Snapchat .


  • Save photos making screenshots
    The quickest way to save a picture received in Snapchat is making a screenshot. In other words, this is to take a photo of what then displays the screen of your mobile device.

    • To capture the screen on an iOS device(iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) you have to be seeing that image you want to save. Then for a few seconds then hold buttons on / off your computer and also the Home or Home , ie, the only button that exists below the screen of your device. For Snapchat, because they are images with limited duration, you must do this quickly, before the picture disappears. Once you have captured the image you'll be able to see it in the gallery of images from your laptop.

    • To capture the screen on an Android device , versions 4.0 or later, you should keep pressed for a few seconds the Volume Down button and the on / off. Then an animation will tell you that the image has been saved and you can see it in the photo gallery.


      • SnapHack Pro
        The SnapHack Pro app, available for devices with iOS operating system, allows you to save photos and videos received in Snapchat. To do this you must download and install this application and then enter it using your username and password Snapchat. 
        Then when you receive notification that you have received a new message Snapchat, go to SnapHack Pro and open it from there. So you can save your content and view it again later. If you do not follow these steps and open your message from Snapchat, you can not save those images. 
        Later you can forward those photos via email or share them on social networks Twitter and Facebook , if you wish. And in case you were wondering, when using Pro SnapHack the person I am sending you those pictures will not know that you saved. 
        You can download SnapHack Pro from the iTunes download store.
      • SnapCapture
        SnapCapture is available for devices with Android operating system. Much like the previous application way, once downloaded and installed you will have to enter it with your credentials Snapchat. 
        Also you must open your new messages from her, not from Snapchat, to save them.And who sent you those pictures or video also will be notified that you saved. 
        You can download SnapCapture from the Google Play store.
      • Repeat that last image or video
        A fourth option which accounts for re-watch those images and videos Snapchat is activating the call option Replay . This is included in the latest version of Snapchat and, as its name suggests, allows you to see the second time images or videos, but on one condition. You can say a single photo or video every 24 hours 
        While this option does not allow you to save those messages at least it lets you relive those moments without resorting to applications or tricks to memorize. To activate, see section Configuring your application Snapchat. Then, select the Additional Services and then Set ( Manage ). This is where you can activate the option Replay , and other filters and effects to Snapchat .

      If you decide to install one of the above options for both iOS or Android, keep in mind that a future update Snapchat may disable some of its functionality, so it's important to keep them updated all these applications. If you have problems, check the official websites or contact them whom they have created.


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works on Galaxy s4, thank you very much
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If you have contact Snapchat with a person that you like to keep a photograph that sends you through the application, then there is a possibility that you can do using a screenshot, although doing so will be notified to the other person you took a snapshot, which can create a conflict if they disagree with it.

Take a screenshot in Snapchat is simple as it is done the same way as any other application. However, unlike other, Snapchat notifies the user when another has taken a screenshot of a photograph, so it is important to consider this.

Screenshot from iOS : iOS users must press simultaneously and for a couple of seconds and keys on startup. Instantly mobile informed that the catch was taken.

Screenshot from Android: Not any mobile operating system supports this screen by default, but there are two possible combinations for devices with Android. The first is the same as the IOS, ie simultaneously pressing a couple of seconds during the ignition and starting key. Meanwhile, the second option is the same as pressing keys on and volume.

For those who want to take Snapchat capture without the other person noticing, there are several additional applications requesting some data from our own but who are able to make screenshots without notification to be sent to another user.

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