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Hey there

The first thank all the work done here for all iphones and other users. I am a new user of the forum, I have been reviewing for some time and apologize if I have not participated before. I hope to do now.

I was a problem with my iphone 5, the last update to version 9.2 of IOS and now the wifi does not connect me. Find the RED but stays connected "thinking" and not to do. 3G works well.

I reset network data several times, and off and on iPhone

You know that you can go or how to fix it?

Many thanks in advance

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If you've already restarted and reset the network settings, little you can do seems you tried to "Forget this network" and reconfigure it? or to disable support for wifi? location or disable wireless network connection?

With another wireless network you also have the same problem?

Greetings and welcome

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First, you should try to turn off wifi button, wait for minutes, and then turn on. If it doesn't work, you can restart your iPhone. If the problem still exist, you should turn to apple store staff for help.
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