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How to Unlock Huawei E220 modem

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To release the modem Huawei E220 from any operator, you must follow these steps. No need to open the modem, modify or currently use SIM cards or other methods known to release mobile devices.

This has been tested with a Huawei E220 locked to Vodafone and Movistar blocked similar and operating properly.

The release of the device is done via Internet, payment via PayPal, on page Kulankendi .They offer free services for other devices, including a service "universal release" via IMEI. However, in this case we are interested in the release Huawei modem:

  • Firmware Update: The first step is to upgrade the modem firmware to the latest available. Kulankendi provides a repository with the latest firmware, available at this link with a similar "Huawei E220 Firmware" followed by the version name. After downloading the program must connect the modem to the USB and open the program. WARNING! This step is very delicate, disconnect or turn off the PC modem does not indicate whether the upgrade program may damage the device.
  • Kulankendi download the client: the client is Kulankendi releasing the device. For now you just have to download it and run.
  • Checkout: On page Kulankendi must choose the type of service you want to buy (in this case, the release of a Huawei modem in the category of GPRS Modems .. It costs € 15 for a device after making the Payment via PayPal; we should note the ID of the transaction, as we will need in the next step.
  • Release the device: Kulankendi returning customer, we must ensure that the selected options are more or less as seen below: We must press the button Read info for the program to recognize and detect the Huawei card, and then we must press on button Get login / password, at which point we will be asked Transaction ID PayPal email address and the amount paid. After entering the data, press the button Get login / password again and in the client window, press Unlock.

With this, the device is released, however no release or the firmware update restores old client connection therefore remains the ISP (and still necessary to use the program from the original ISP). Therefore, we must change the connection settings, specifically the APN, username and password, according to the new operator we will use:


  • APN : ac.vodafone.es O airtelnet.es
  • User : vodafone
  • Pass : vodafone


  • APN : movistar.es
  • User : Movistar
  • Pass : Movistar


  • APN : gprs-service.com
  • User : (empty)
  • Pass : (empty)


  • APN : internet
  • User : (empty)
  • Pass : (empty)


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