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Locksmith repair: what are the prices charged by a locksmith?

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A door slamming behind us, a key determined to stay in the lock, a damaged lock following a break-in… So many hazards that require the intervention of a locksmith. Are you worried that it will cost you a fortune? Are you wary of scams?

The locksmith industry is little known and often bears the brunt of bad press. Fortunately, there are, of course, honest and qualified locksmiths. Types of intervention, budget to be expected, selection of the right craftsman…
Homeserve gives you its advice so that your locksmith repairs go off without a hitch.

What are the most common services for a locksmith?

The locksmith is a craftsman who produces, sells, installs and repairs locks. It also happens that locksmiths have a specialization in artistic ironwork or a metalworking specialization, which allows them to work on all metal works, such as shutters, blinds, etc.

They are also there to advise you and install specific equipment (locks, shielding, three-point locks, etc.) to secure your front door. But very often, it is in an emergency, when the front door is not decided to open, that a locksmith is called. Let's take a look at the locksmith services together.

Open a slammed door

Ah, doors without exterior handles… a practical system, designed to make the entrance to the home as secure as possible. The other point of view ? If the door slams because of a draft, or if you left too quickly leaving the keys inside, you are locked out.

Do not panic, a locksmith can solve this problem quickly. To open a slammed door , the locksmith can use the bypass technique. If this fails, he will have to drill a small hole in the door, in order to open it by pulling the handle with a wire. Then just close the door. If the locksmith offers to destroy the lock, beware, it is not necessary on a simple slammed door. For the intervention, count between 60 and 100 €.

Good to know: this locksmith repair is inexpensive on a simple door, but if you have an armored door, you will have to bet on the high range.

Open a locked door

Another classic service for locksmiths: you are locked out, because your keys have been stolen or lost , and obviously, you had closed behind you.

In this case, locksmith repairs can be done in two ways: the locksmith opens using a master key; the lock is secure and cannot be forced, the craftsman then drills the cylinders of the installed lock, to dismantle it and force the door to open. 

For the luckiest, it is then enough to wind the lock. Count approximately 120 to 190 € the intervention . For the less fortunate, the weakened or even broken lock will have to be replaced by drilling. This should add $75-$175 to the bill, depending on the type of lock chosen.

Replace a damaged lock

Locks are not infallible, and even with careful maintenance, they can sometimes get damaged. They can seize up over time, but also bear the brunt of a break-in attempt, for example. You may also have to change your lock if you have lost your keys, including duplicates. 

In this case, the locksmith repair will consist of opening the door (rather practical if you are stuck outside), removing the lock in place, and replacing it with a new one. This may in particular be an opportunity to adopt a more secure lock. The replacement price? 75 to 150 € depending on the type of lock.

Finally, if the key has broken and remains stuck in the lock, be aware that the locksmith can try to recover it using a powerful magnet, or using a key extractor.
Destroying the lock is only a last resort.

Unlock a lock

We say that a lock is seized when it is difficult to turn the key of the lock, or simply, to get it out. Sometimes, a shot of penetrating oil is enough, but sometimes the lock needs a more thorough repair.

If the product is not enough to unlock the lock, do not delay in requesting locksmith repairs to avoid an emergency situation. The locksmith will then be able to analyze the lock, or even what seems to be stuck, and offer you a suitable solution. On the budget side, it is necessary to count 100 to 150 €.

Our tips for choosing a good locksmith

Scams in the field of locksmithing are numerous, which requires a certain vigilance. The very first advice we can give you to be sure of making the right choice is to take your time! 

Indeed, do not hesitate if necessary to find a room for one night using a hotel comparator , rather than wanting to go too fast and pay a huge sum for an intervention carried out by a dishonest locksmith.

In order to choose the right locksmith, start by selecting 3 that are around your town, in order to limit travel costs. 

Then ask for quotes from each so you can compare rates. In an emergency, we don't always have the embarrassment of choice, or the time to linger to compare. If you can, compare at least two different profiles.

The locksmiths contacted must send you a detailed quote , which must include a SIRET number. This guarantees that the craftsman has the right to work and indeed has a declared business in France. The estimate must detail the service, the supplies offered, the cost of labour, the duration and the completion time. Analyze the different elements in order to be able to draw up a representative comparison.

Despite our advice, are you afraid of falling into a scam? Homeserve is here for you. We carefully select the profiles that join our network of artisans. You can therefore be sure that you are dealing with a qualified and reliable locksmith. A precise estimate will be delivered to you upstream: no unpleasant surprises, only expert advice!

What are the criteria that vary the amount of the estimate?

As we have seen, the price of a locksmith service varies according to the type of intervention required. But this is not the only criterion that affects the price of the locksmith:

  • The type of door or lock the locksmith works on. Armored doors or secure locks, such as three points, will require more work.
  • The notion of urgency , if you need an emergency locksmith or if his arrival is planned.
  • In the event of an emergency, the day and time of intervention may affect the price, especially in the event of an emergency at night, on a public holiday, or at the weekend. In this case, a supplement of 20 to 30% may be applied.
  • The place of intervention also comes into play, if you are far away (high travel costs), or if you are in a big city like Paris, where the cost of the intervention will be higher than in the provinces.
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