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how to disable windows 10 lock screen

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The latest versions of the Microsoft operating system are designed to run smoothly on devices touch interface, however, the window lock can be practical for tablets and devices with touch interface, however, for a PC user can make a nuisance and completely useless window that stands between startup and login system. Luckily you can disable it so that this window will not lock and load automatically display the login window, and even the desktop if you have automatic logon.

To disable this window blocking must access the Windows registry editor. To do this from the window run (Windows + R), the start menu (if you use Windows 10) or the Windows Sidebar 8.1 must enter:

  • regedit.exe


We will see the main window of the Windows registry editor.

It is advisable not to change any settings not know exactly what is already a bad configuration of this register can do that our system begins to malfunction and even cause it to stop working completely.

From this registry editor must access the following path:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows

In the "Windows" folder create a new folder called "Personalization" (without the quotes).To do this we click with the right> New> Key button and put the name we have said.

In this new folder we create a new entry that will indicate the operating system to avoid this window. To do this we press the right button on the register blank and there select New> DWORD value. This new entry will call "NoLockScreen" and assign it as hexadecimal value "1".

The only thing left to do is reboot and restart see how this new lock window does not appear. If we want to enable it again we simply change the value of "NoLockScreen" of 1-0, or delete the entry altogether.

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