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How do I connect my Samsung TV to the Internet?

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Restart your Smart TVCliquez pour réduire

Start by restarting your TV to clear data and cookies. This temporary memory is saved on your TV and may affect the proper functioning of the Internet. To do this, hold down the POWER button for 5 seconds.

1)  Long press of 5 seconds on the POWER button, your TV will restart.

Image showing how to turn your Samsung TV on and off by pressing the Power button on your remote

2) Check that your TV detects the network. If this is not the case, launch a reset of the box and the Wi-Fi network.

Reset the internet boxCliquez pour réduire

You have to reset the internet box. To do this, you must contact your operator or look on the internet because the procedure changes depending on your operator. 

Reset Wi-Fi Settings

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If your TV detects the Wi-Fi network but fails to connect to the internet, try resetting the network. By going to “Settings” > “General” > “Network” and finally “Reset network”.

Image describing how to reset the network of your Smart TV

Note:  Your TV will scan and tell you the frequency band. Prefer 5 GHz.

Check network settingsCliquez pour réduire

1Open your TV menu.

2Go to “Settings” then to “General”.

3Go to “Network”.

4Then open the "Open network settings" section.

Image describing how to configure the network of your Smart TV

5Select "Wireless".

Image describing how to set up your Smart TV's wireless connection

6The list of available wireless networks is displayed on your TV.

Image describing how to set up your Smart TV's wireless connection

7If your network does not appear in the list:

  • Tap "Refresh".


  • Go to the very bottom of the list and tap "Add network" to add your network manually. You will need to provide the network name and password.

Image describing how to manually add a Wi-Fi network to your Smart TV

  • Some Wi-Fi networks do not appear in the network search list because they are set as hidden for security measures. If you are unable to connect to your network, even manually, remove the hidden mode from your network while you resolve the connection problem with your TV.

8Check your network settings.

Network requirements vary between Smart TVs. This information is indicated in the user manual of each model. For example, the 2018 models NU6***, NU71**, NU72** and NU73** are only compatible with 2.4Ghz networks. They will not detect 5GHz networks.

If the network does not meet the requirements of the TV, it will not be detected.

In most cases, home Wi-Fi networks are compatible with TV models. However, if the network settings have been changed, make sure that they are compatible with those of your Smart TV.

Note: Also check that your router software is up to date.Test connection

Cliquez pour réduire

If you have already restarted your Smart TV, reset the internet box and the Wi-Fi network and the connection still does not work, perform a network test to diagnose the problem. 

1Open your TV menu.

Image showing how to access the Menu on your Samsung TV by pressing the Home or Home button on your remote

2Go to “Settings”.

3Select “General”.

4Then “Network”.

Image describing how to test your Smart TV's Internet connection via Network

5Select "Network Status" to start the test.

Image describing how to test your Smart TV's internet connection via Network Status

6When the test is complete, your connection status is shown.

Image describing how to test your Smart TV's Internet connection via Network

Note:  You must check the IP parameters (automatic IP and DNS 888).

If a red cross appears between the TV and the router, it means that the problem is with your Smart TV or your router. In this case, first check the connections of the two devices and follow the instructions on the screen.

If there is a red cross between the router and the terrestrial globe icon, this probably means that there is a problem between your Wi-Fi network and your Internet service provider: reset your internet box and your Wi-Fi network, then test the connection again.

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