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How to create mobile and android version of my web application without programming

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Create Mobile version of my website without programming knowledge,  so that we can create in less than 10 minutes a version denuestra nicely formatted web for devices such as phones or tablets, without programming, our website (or blog, image gallery, Store ...) using a wizard or via web tutorial. This formatting is done automatically and from Android, iPhone, Blackberry ... devices are perfectly displayed. It will not affect our web, since the content is hosted on another server, so you can easily enable or disable.

Before proceeding, you can see an example of how it has been this blog:


I leave also a screenshot of how it looks:

TutorialAndroid Mobile Version

In this previous post it commented a simple way to create a mobile application of our WordPress blog. At that time a file is created with our application, and we can upload it to Google Play.

This time we will create a mobile version of our website, thus making a few tweaks, all who enter our website from a mobile or tablet, it will be perfectly suited . In addition, we will advisecreate an Android application linking to this web version , which also have an application on Google Play pointing to our website, thereby increasing our web site will be secured;)

This new mobile version of our web server automatically stay in the company that offers this option, so we take the problem of having to move files (above all for those who can not cope with this issue). On the downside, the issue of SEO positioning (should falter somewhere).

It is free for a year. Registration not ask billing or anything like that, and if you want to keep at it for over a year, if you should make a contract. But, the account will not remain active.

To do this, we will follow these simple steps:

·         We entered the web gomo.dudamobile.com and enter our URL. We follow the simple steps to give us the tutorial to correctly configure the mobile version of our website.

·         After this, it provides a web address (URL), the web version of our blog (eghttp://mobile.dudamobile.com/site/tutorialandroid )

·         Now we can do several things:

  1. Create an Android application to point to that direction. This would have our web in Google Play. To proceed we must follow the simple steps to create a WebView post .
  2. Add a php code in our page, which detects whether someone comes from a mobile device, and in this case leading to the new url. This code should be placed at the beginning of the index.php file of our website (if programmed in php), and you can be downloaded here .


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Follow the below steps for creating responsive and mobile app version of website design.

1.Search wordpress plugins area for responsive layout design.

2.Click install

For free consulting regarding web design or web development contact webnox.in on [email protected] for free programming development.We will help you out.



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