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How to use your smartphone to check your batteries

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We've all been there. You are zapping on the couch, when suddenly, the remote control stops working. Frustrated, lift highest command, you press the buttons hard or maybe even you shake with the hope that it is fixed. After that, you start to wonder if your old remote control is broken or if you just run out of batteries. But no longer needs it to lift you off the couch to get to rummage through the house to find a pair of AAA batteries to know the answer. Because most likely already have stored in your pocket a device that can check the status of your batteries. Your Smartphone!

To find out what's wrong with your remote control, take out your Smartphone and open the camera application. Aim the remote to your camera phone and hold any button on the remote. If your command works well, you should see a pink light leaving the tip of your remote control via the screen of your mobile. If the pink light is too weak or is not, it is probably time to change the batteries in your remote control.

Let's summarize:

·         Open the camera application.

·         Aim the camera at your command and hold any button on the remote.

·         If you have piles, you will see a pink light.

If not saw anything pink light, there are several factors to consider: first, the batteries in your remote control could be completely depleted , or your remote control could have broken . Second, the remote controls that use Bluetooth or radio frequency not emit this light pink . And finally, if you're trying to do this trick with one of the latest iPhone, you probably need to use the camera selfies to see the light of your control.

Why does it work?

As the ultraviolet light, the infrared light is placed just outside the boundary of the spectrum of colors visible to the human eye. Your TV remote works by sending a series of infrared sensor impulses toward the front of your TV, creating a kind of morse code that tells you which channel screen should appear. The camera of your device is less limited in that sense that the human eye can perceive so these infrared lights without problem.

Most next-generation cameras and DSLRs have infrared filters today, because they reduce the "noise" in our photos, but also block the light emitted by your remote control. So with some phones, like the last iPhones, you must use the camera selfies to view it.


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