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Easily solve the problem of screen rotation iPhone 6 Plus

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With the arrival of the new iPhone 6 Plus 5.5-inch screen, the largest of all iPhone, came a new feature that many users have not yet taken advantage of. It is the view of the Home screen, Desktop or Home screen in landscape format, the screen where the icons of apps that have installed iOS both 8- and third party applications are shown. Here we explain, if you do not got, how to make the iPhone screen 6 Plus turn.

The format used by Apple in the iPhone 6 Plus is reminiscent of a small iPad to enable this feature and we just have to rotate the iPhone horizontally and rotate the screen, unless you have the option to lock orientation enabled.

Sometimes the desktop screen does not rotate, but depending on the application you are using this if you do, but the reason for this failure is usually in the configuration features of the Zoom screen.


Step by step guide to set in iPhone 6 Plus, the screen rotation

To avoid this recurring error in the iPhone 6 Plus you have to activate the screen rotation iOS Desktop no zoom screen.

  1. Open the Settings application on the iPhone.
  2. Then go to section display and brightness.
  3. Zoom in the screen section select the View option.
  4. Choose the Standard option and then confirm the selection.
When you return to the desktop screen of the iPhone and you turn the phone horizontally
you will see that the desktop screen will rotate and show the icons horizontally is important to always check the orientation lock since otherwise the device will not let you turn the screen, this can be easily checked in the Control Center with icon arrow turning with a padlock inside. Many times people believe the device is faulty but it is actually a simple configuration error. This option interferes with the ability of the phone to rotate the screen, not only in the home screen but also in specific apps that may be affected by this option.
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If the iPhone screen 6 Plus does not rotate, it can also be a problem of blocked accelerometer

If the configuration is correct, you have the Standard mode activated and Lock off orientation, but still the screen does not rotate, try entering the landscape mode giving a good shake the iPhone 6 Plus, always being careful not to drop to the ground .

  Sometimes the accelerometer is unresponsive but with a good shake everything is arranged. The view function Zoom is a favorite of many users that leverages the quality and size of the iPhone screen 6 Plus to better show text, icons and other tools, however, can affect specific functions of the mobile so reviews the alternatives before deciding on a way of visualizing your mobile.
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