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how to delete read only contacts in android

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Surely many of smartphone users ever found before in your address book have numerous names, phone numbers and duplicate mailings that hinder and confuse when searching contacts in mobile.

If you are tired of this situation, we present Merge + , the mobile application free and available for download on Google Play for devices Android that allows end all these duplicates in mobile, contact them together in one and only one pair of steps very easily.

And the option to sync contacts with Google Accounts, whether those of Gmail, Google +, etc. Android allows for some time, it is quite useful but has the more negative side, because when you synchronize contacts shared duplicated on the agenda.

Thanks to Merge +, you can manage quickly and easily such contacts. To do this, first thing to do is downloading and install the application on your Android device. After completing this process, you must open the application and click on the "option Find Duplicates "to initiate a process of search for duplicate contacts in our agenda. You can view the progress of the process from the notifications window .

Once completed, it may take a few minutes depending on the number of contacts you have, from the same screen notifications a shows summary duplicate entries it has found that clicking on it a window is displayed with all duplicate contacts found.

At that point you can select the contacts you want to join, with the ability to select all in a single click and then press the button Connect, which will be responsible for removing all duplicate contacts selected, leaving only one entry in the agenda for each.

From that moment you can already see how in the agenda not duplicated contacts and information is stored together in one of the existing entries and the rest have been removed.

Similarly for devices with Android operating system there are other applications for this task deduplication in the phonebook contacts for those with iOS operating system , and one that works best Cleanup Duplicate Contacts , which is available from free in the App Store and allows as Merge + Android repeated contacts search , select the ones you want to delete and perform a joining process that all information is stored in a single entry .

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